Juan Murillo & Team

Juan Murillo
Born in Asturias, he has spent his entire career in the UK where he moved to in 2004 in order to study tourism and hotel management.

Since its foundation, he has been Hispania Restaurant’s catering and events director and currently he spends his time between our restaurants in London and Brussels overseeing Hispania’s restaurant and events activity.

A great connoisseur of the world of Spanish wine, Juan selects those wineries and wines which are part of our wine offering.

David Gutiérrez Vez was born in Asturias; starting his career in family-owned restaurants he then continued his growth with prestigious catering companies and at the restaurant led by the starred chef Javier Loya, stands out.

He moved to London and in 2015 he joined Hispania as head waiter; since 2018 he has been the supervisor of the restaurant floor and events.

David, Juan Murillo’s right-hand man, is an enthusiast of Spanish wines. 

Miguel Martínez born in Asturias, arrived in London in 2015 seeking a career in hospitality; after training in restaurants offering different regional cuisines he joined Hispania in 2016. Starting as waiter Miguel now works as assistant floor manager and junior sommelier. In addition to his passion for wines, Miguel is the person to talk to about cheese in Hispania.

One of the passions of Miguel is photography, which he regularly captures with his camera helping us with our social media content and events.